Jewish Art Vocabulary

  • Characteristics of Judaica art and Jewish fine art                  
  • Developments in Jewish art since Biblical times     
  • Modern misconceptions about Jewish art
  • Study of famous Jewish artworks by subject. For example: Biblical women, Song of Songs, God in art
  • Participants are invited to add their favorite Jewish artist to the list of artists we study/examine


Focus on Jewish Holidays

  • The origin and traditions of an upcoming holiday
  • Exploration of paintings, sculptures, and ritual objects related to a specific holiday
  • Art as a reflection of a certain time and place. For example:
  • Purim - Review illustrations in Esther scrolls, deigns of groggers and mishloach manot plates, and the floats and customs in the Israeli “Adloyada” parade
  • Passover - Examine paintings of the Exodus from Egypt, Michelangelo’s sculptures of slaves and Moses, designs of Seder plates, Elijah’s cup and Miriam’s cup, special Hagadot such as the Sarajevo Haggadah or David Moss Haggadah, illustrations of the Four Sons or for Song of Songs.Israel Independence Day - Learn from annual Independence Day posters about social events in Israel.      

I am happy to offer  

MIDWEST ARTIST RETREATS and JEWISH ART LECTURES (Scroll down for more details)

Focus on Artists and Styles

  • A close look at works by artists, from Michelangelo, Chagall, Agam, Ardon, Danzinger, and Nussbaum, to Moss, Smith, and Nes, as well as designs of synagogues, museums, and Jewish institutions from Dura Europos to Lloyd Wright, Nevelson, Libeskind, and more.  
  • An examination of art trends and styles such as Canaanism and Bezalel Academy.

Jewish visual art, from painting and sculpture to ritual objects and architecture, offers important commentary on Jewish themes. The rich and storied world of our art, culture, tradition and heritage comes to life in Jewish art lectures that include:

45-90-minute presentations with high-quality projected images, or handouts with color images
Handouts with a road map and brief summaries about artists and holidays      
A wide range of topics that correspond with Jewish holidays and themes (see below for ideas about individual programs or a series)


“Lilach's beautiful PowerPoint presentation on artistic interpretations of the Song of Songs added a dimension to text study that could not have been communicated in any other way.”                
­ --Dr. Betsy Dolgin Katz, Kol Isha, Chicago

"Lilach weaves her deep Jewish knowledge together with her artistic expertise for a uniquely satisfying experience. Everyone loved it!"
--Cantor Rachel Rosenberg, Congregation Rodfei Zedek, Chicago

“Lilach is an extremely engaging and knowledgeable art instructor who really goes the extra mile to make the class informative and enjoyable. She even took the time to research the art in our synagogue and give our class a ‘guided tour’ of our own building during our last session! Extraordinary!”
--Leann Blue, Congregation Beth Shalom, Northbrook

About Lilach Schrag
Lilach Schrag is an exhibiting artist and art teacher who participates in, and facilitates, critique groups such as Dialogue Chicago and Midwest Artists Retreats. She has a teaching certificate from Beit Berl Art College in Israel, in art and education, and a Master of Arts in Jewish Professional Studies from Spertus College in Chicago. Lilach teaches art education and Jewish education, and designs Jewish art curricula for children and adults. Her workshops for families and educators focus on Jewish art as a visual midrash, and on incorporating visual commentary into the curriculum. Lilach has been involved with the Solomon Schechter Middle School, Camp Ramah, The Art Center of Highland Park, the Evanston Art Center, the Board of Jewish Education, and synagogues around Chicagoland.

Sampling of Topics


Treasures in Your Synagogue

  • Ritual Objects - Take a tour in your synagogue to find the origin and the purpose of ritual objects, and learn about designs that are unique to your building. The tour focuses on the Ark, Torah coat, breast plate, crown, eternal light, menorah, yad, mezuzah, tallit, and more.
  • Fine Art - Many synagogues own beautiful collections of Jewish art by local artists, as well as internationally known ones like Chagall and even Dali. This visit will provide information about artists and circumstances of creation of the works in your own synagogue’s collection.

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Midwest Artist Retreats participants "Make Art"  

Midwest Artist Retreats presents a unique opportunity for visual, literary, and performing artists to spend a few days making and critiquing art, surrounded by inspiring nature in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Join a select group of creative minds in a beautiful, tranquil, and comfortable setting by the lake. Immerse yourself in uninterrupted work during the day, and dine and exchange valuable non-judgmental critique with others in the evening.
Bring your materials to experiment with ideas and techniques, and prepare to share your work over a hearty dinner and a glass of wine.

to watch slide shows from artist retreats in the last year. For more information about the retreat, please contact Lilach Schrag at lilach.schrag@gmail .com

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